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We are proud to be a Vision Imaging Partner:

Konica SRX101A

Konica SRX-101A


The Konica SRX-101A processor produces high quality radiographs with easy operation and is the ideal choice for imaging sitesKonica SRX-101A, diagnostic centers and private practice offices. The SRX-101A processor is perfect for reliable low volume applications, especially where space is at a premium. The compact design of the SRX-101A saves valuable space and incorporates an automatic standby with jog cycle for conserving water and energy. State-of-the-art technology stabilizes developer and dryer temperatures. It also offers automatic replenishment.




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Maximum Versatility in a Tabletop Design

The Konica SRX-101A tabletop processor offers variable speeds which can be set from within the processor. This allows you to choose the optimum cycle speed to match your processing needs. Konica Minolta’s 90 second cycle allows fast developing of all super rapid processable films.

• 90 Second Super Rapid Processing Cycle

• 120 Second Standard Processing Cycle

• 180 Second Extended Processing Cycle


Control Panel

Depending on your space requirements, the control panel can be situated on either side of the processor. The SRX-101A plugs into any dedicated 110V outlet so that no special wiring is needed.


Feed Tray

A 17-inch wide film transport system provides faster film feed for larger radiographs, or two 8"x10" films (or smaller) can be processed side-by-side. Up to 75 10"x12" or 60 14"x17" films can be processed per hour at the 90 second processing cycle.


Innovative Design

An innovative rack design and smooth plastic tanks make periodic cleaning remarkably easy and simplifies routine maintenance. The Konica SRX-101A incorporates a quiet operating infrared drying system for consistent drying of radiographs, and a light tight feed tray cover permits the operator to leave the darkroom during the film feed.


Konica Quality

We’ve earned our reputation worldwide as quality imaging professionals who stand behind every box of film and each piece of imaging equipment. Not only are you supported with quality programs, you’re serviced by quality people. People who truly care are ready to assist you with whatever you may need. We’re Konica Minolta, and we work harder for you.



Konica SRX-101A Specifications
Film Transport Method Continuous roller transport
Film Type and Sizes Sheet film, 10x10cm–35x43cm sizes (14"x17”)
Processing Capacity Cycle/Size 10x12inch or 24x30cm 14x17inch (35x43cm)
90 sec. 75 60
120 sec. 70 55
180 sec. 55 40 (sheets/hr)
Process Cycle Switching Available by a service engineer
Processing Solution Volumes DEV tank : 3.9 liters (1.03 gallons)
FIX tank : 1.8 liters (0.47 gallons)
WASH tank : 1.4 liters (0.37 gallons)
Circulation System Continuous pumping of DEV and FIX solutions.
Temperature Control Processing solution temperature;
Controlled by the temperature control tank, with the thermistor
monitoring, and with the heater heating.
Drying temperature;
Controlled automatically according to a fixed temperature setting.
Replenishing System Replenishing volume for the film sheet is calculated with exchanging
10x12 inch film.
Wash Water Ordinary tap water 41–86°F (5–30°C)
Water pressure 49–686kPa (0.5–7kgf/cm2) (7–99.56psi)
Water Supply 0.8 liters (0.22 gallon) /min.
Standby Functions 10 min./30 min./Continuous operation.
(Selectable by a service engineer)
Power Source AC 115/120V, single phase, 12A, 60 Hz.
Weight 88lb (103.4lb with processing solutions)
40kg (47kg with processing solutions)
Certification Conforms to UL, FDA
Applied Standard FCC
Heat Generation Approx. 3,135kJ/hr max.
Noise Level Approx. 55dB (A) max.
Operating Condition 59–86°F (15–30°C), 30–75%RH (no condensation)
Accessories Measuring cup, Funnel, Installation parts kit, Replacement parts kit,
Replenisher taks, and Operation manual.
Optional Equipment Light shield panel

*The above specifications are subject to change